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At Fire Seminars, our mission is to provide quality, worth-while training, consulting and products to fire service professionals of all levels of education and experience.  We are dedicated to providing every student in every course with new information and technology that will change behaviors and work towards a safer fire service.

Systematic Risk Management

Systematic Risk Management is an 8 hour certification course.  The course is always thought provoking and entertaining for everyone attending. Our team has a unique method of presenting Fire Dynamics and Extinguishing agents.  The training focuses on the WHY rather than the WHAT.  The purpose of the class is to give students the building blocks necessary to make accurate risk/benefit assessments of dangerous fire scenes, and to follow up with making good decisions.  With a solid foundation of basic fire science, students will receive a lecture on real world NIMS applications and incident action planning.  All of this will lead into the necessity of taking control of the chaos at the incidents we respond to everyday within the critical first minutes following our arrival.  Topics of the seminar include Smoke Reading, Scene Assessment, Risk Analysis and more.  Tie all of this together using virtual reality simulations of structure fires at local buildings.

While most courses of this type teach techniques based on the operations of huge departments.  Systematic Risk Management can be applied to any and all systems.  The tactics presented are designed to be implemented by volunteer, combination, and career departments.  Go home with a solid system that can be implemented in your municipality.

Whether you are a wet behind the ears, probie Firefighter or a seasoned Chief Officer, you are guaranteed to leave this course with a new outlook on the job we do.  Students who have attended this course, report improved awareness, communications, and decision making skills at fire scenes.  The course is specifically targeted toward any firefighter who may be first on the scene of structure fires.  Company Officers, Chief Officers, Part Time/On-Call and volunteer firefighters will all benefit from the class.  Improve your skills and confidence.  Soak in the brotherhood of our profession and exchange ideas with fire service professionals from throughout your region.

If you are interested in hosting a Systematic Risk Management course, simply click the contact link at the top of the page and send your request.  There is no cost to host the course.  Fire Seminars handles all of the registrations and fees.  Registration fee is $50/student.  The hosting agency will receive a discount based on number of registered students.  Students will receive certificates, several hand outs, and an electronic copy of a sample Scene Assessment SOG that utilizes the system.

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