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At Fire Seminars, our mission is to provide quality, worth-while training, consulting and products to fire service professionals of all levels of education and experience.  We are dedicated to providing every student in every course with new information and technology that will change behaviors and work towards a safer fire service.

Fire Accountability

Fire Seminars is extremely excited to launch our new Fire Accountability App on the Apple and Android App Stores!  The app is for use on ANY tablet!  That means whether you have an iPad, an Android tablet, or a Kindle Fire, you will be able to utilize this revolutionary app.


                                       Click this link for App Use Instructions and Frequently Asked Questions.

What  is Fire Accountability?

Fire Accountability is a single screen, visually based personnel accountability application.  What does that mean?  It means that you no longer have to lug around a bulky dry erase board.  You no longer have to worry about velcro falling off of tags in the cold or hot months.  You no longer have to be concerned with losing name tags, dry erase markers, white board cleaner or division tags.  Never again hide your tactical worksheet under your coat, so that it won't get wet.  Never again seek out a street light, so that you can see your Accountability/Command Board.  With this incredible new product, all you will need is an iPad or Droid tablet.  With accessories like waterproof cases and vehicle mounts, form will truly meet function with this app!  You can run Command from the Chief's SUV, take the tablet into the front yard with you, and transfer Command with ease. 


When you open up the Fire Accountability app, you will find a simple startup screen with only three options:  CREATE INCIDENT, setup or help.  Tap:  CREATE INCIDENT and you're off to the races.  The next screen will ask you to select one of 18 types of structures.  Structure types range from single story homes without basements to 10 story high rises, to 6 unit strip malls, to big box stores, and more.  After structure selection, you will be taken to the accountability screen.  And that's where you'll stay.  No bouncing between screens.  This is not a text based app.  It is designed to allow fire officers to track their personnel by dragging and dropping icons. . . on a single screen.

On the accountability screen, you'll find a visual representation of the structure that you selected.  The structure will be divided by floors, interior and exterior divisions, as well as a roof division.  You'll find a selection of company/team tags on the screen that YOU customized ahead of time in the setup screen.  As you assign units, just drag the unit's icon to their new location and drop them.  That's it!  Move units from floor to floor; inside to outside; from a division to staging or out of service.  As the incident grows, it's common to assign officers as division supervisors.  No problem.  Just tap the pre-designated division tag.  The tablet's keyboard will pop up and allow you to quickly add a name or number to division headers.


How long have we been on scene?  Just look at the running timer on the screen.  This app is jam packed with features.  In the setup screen, you'll have the option to set a "Benchmark" time of either 10, 15 or 20 minutes.  What does that mean?  It means that at intervals you've selected, an alarm will sound.  Many departments use these benchmark times to re-assess the scene, conduct a PAR or confirm an active strategy.

You'll also find several tactical icons on-screen.  As you complete basic tasks, simply tap the icon, and it will indicate that the task has been taken care of.  Oops.  It's been 5 minutes since we've been on scene and I forgot to contact the utilities.  Not a problem, when using Fire Accountability.  At pre-set intervals, the app will recognize that you have not completed some basic functions, like conducting a primary search, assigning a Safety Officer or hooking up to the FDC.  Even if you forget, Fire Accountability won't.  The app will alarm to remind you to complete these critical tactics, even if you forget.

It is our duty to protect the men and women that we send into harm's way.  Besides our moral obligations, NFPA and OSHA regulations require us to account for any responder that enters the hazard zone.  Firefighters have been trying for decades to come up with the best way to accomplish this.  We've clipped tags onto our trucks and helmets.  We've tried worksheets, white boards, clip boards, etc.  We've spent hundreds of dollars on fancy velcro boards.  With each step along the way, we've gotten better and better about keeping track of our responders with one form or another.  With this new product, form will meet function.  At a third of the cost of the only other application of this type, this easy to use, extremely reliable app is going to change the way that we do business.  At a cost of less than dinner for two at McDonalds, holds the key to ALWAYS knowing where EVERY firefighter is located on a fire scene, all the time, EVERY TIME.

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