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At Fire Seminars, our mission is to provide quality, worth-while training, consulting and products to fire service professionals of all levels of education and experience.  We are dedicated to providing every student in every course with new information and technology that will change behaviors and work towards a safer fire service.


Instructions for Fire Accountability Use:
1.  Tap SETUP in the start screen.
2.  On the left side of the screen, tap each of the 19 companies, one by one.  Enter in one of your frequently used companies into the icon.  Repeat the process for up to 19 crews.
3.  Select your Benchmark Time.  Fire Accountability will alarm at these incriments, throughout the duration of your incident, reminding you to conduct a PAR, re-assess or confirm a strategy.
4.  Tap SAVE, then back to return the the start screen.  Now you are ready to Command you first incident.
5.  When you arrive on the scene of a fire, tap CREATE INCIDENT.
6.  Select a structure type.
7.  If you have selected either a strip mall or a high rise, you'll be taken to either the Select Number of Stories or the Select Number of Units screen.  Tap the appropriate number.  All other strucure types selected will take you directly to the accountability screen.
8.  If you are working in a strip mall, you will next be asked to tap the unit(s) that are on fire.  The units selected will be hilighted in the accountability screen.
                                                   ACCOUNTABILITY SCREEN
9.  Once on the accountability screen, you will find a visual representation of the structure that you selected, split into divisions.  Also you will find "drop zones" for Staging, Rehab, Out of Service, and Water Supply.  Just drag and drop the appropriate company icons into divisions as you assign them.
10.  Use the NEW icon for companies that you have not pre-programmed.  When you drop a NEW icon into a division, the tablet's keyboard will pop up, allowing you to enter a company, crew or truck name into the icon.  The NEW icon will regenerate every time you use it.
11.  To assign a Division Supervisor, just tap one of the white division tags.  Again, the keyboard will pop up, allowing you to enter the ID of a division supervisor.
                                                      TACTICAL REMINDERS
12.  Fire Accountability is equiped with tactical reminders on every accountability screen.  When you complete a task, such as Contact Utilities, just tap the reminder icon.  The icon will darken, indicating that the task has been completed.  The Tactical Reminders are set to timers.  If a pre-designated time has elapsed without you tapping the reminder button, Fire Accountability will alarm reminding you to perform the task.
13.  When the app reminds you to perform a task, you will hear an audible alarm.  A "badge" will also pop up on the bottom of the screen.  Tap the badge, and menu will appear asking if you completed the task.  If you select YES, the button will darken.  If you do not intend to complete the task, select NO.  Fire Accountability will stop reminding you.  If you haven't completed the task yet, but intend to, selecf SNOOZE.  Selecting SNOOZE will activate a 90 second timer, when the app will remind you again.

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