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At Fire Seminars, our mission is to provide quality, worth-while training, consulting and products to fire service professionals of all levels of education and experience.  We are dedicated to providing every student in every course with new information and technology that will change behaviors and work towards a safer fire service.



 "All classes that I have attended through Fire Seminars were great!  I have taken away knowledge from each class that I can apply at my own department.  Ruff's teaching style is unique, in that his classes are both informative and entertaining."
-   Branden Breneman, Three Oaks Fire

    "Chief is a very universal instructor.  He looks and teaches from all angles:  career, combo, volunteer, etc.  He teaches in a personal manor instead of just clicking through a slide show.  He makes you think and apply yourself.  I learned more from him than I have ever learned in any class.  He helps make you understand and apply the class."
-   Lt. Tim Wesner, Buchanan City Fire

    "Chief has a great personality and presents his material with a great deal of passion.  I will make sure, when the time comes to take more classes to see if Chief will be the instructor.  Furthermore, I would recommend his courses to other firefighters and fire departments." 
-   Herman Mattson, St. Joseph Township Fire

    "This was the second class that I have taken through Fire Seminars.  The information instructed is current and extremely useful on the fire scene, whether on a rural or suburban fire department.  The way Chief teaches involves the class and encourages full class participation.  If it's any indication of how good he teaches, I drove a total of 8 hours this weekend.  I would love to see more of Fire Seminars classes infiltrate further north :)"
-  Lt. David Ogren, North Muskegon Fire

    "This was a great class.  Chief is a great teacher and has a lot of knowledge.  I love his teaching style.  He's always on time.  Great communication.  Easy to listen to and keeps your attention.  He treats full-time, part time and volunteer firefighters on the same level.  That means a lot!"
-   Chad Aalderink, Fennville Fire

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